• Countless possible carriage variants


  • Very energy efficient thanks to planetary and bevel gears
  • Interface allows individual gear selection

Roller blocks

  • Extreme durability and low wear thanks to hardened guide rails
  • Triple roller system means optimum power transmission
  • Extremely easy to maintain as roller blocks are quick and simple to replace

Collision protection

  • In the event of a collision, shock absorber units dissipate energy and protect the system from damage


  • Dovetail guide means that the racks and all attached components can be positioned flexibly

Horizontal axis scalability

  • Thanks to the flexible interface at the start and end of the carrier, the horizontal axis can be extended to 100 m, shortened or split

With a maximum total axis length of more than 100 m and a stroke of up to 40 m per carriage, the linear horizontal axis LHA is ideal for transporting and handling fixtures. It can be integrated into systems as an additional axis, is suitable for attaching further axes or can be used as the seventh axis for robots. It can also be mounted. Its flexibility, strength and accuracy set this axis apart. With its aluminium and steel axes, the LHA is able to take a transport load of up to 1600 kg.

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Type Payload in kg at centric load
0 75 100 125 225 250 275 300 350 400 650 750 850 1500 1700 1900
LHA-1 75 75 dark 100 100 standard 125 125 bright
LHA-2 75 225 dark 250 250 standard 275 275 bright
LHA-3 75 300 dark 350 350 standard 400 400 bright
LHA-4 75 650 dark 750 750 standard 850 850 bright
LHA-5 75 1500 dark 1700 1700 standard 1900 1900 bright
Load Class Dynamic
Load Class Balanced
Load Class Efficient