Markets and their requirements are evolving. We are confronting these changes and are offering our customers new solutions with smart production systems and the integration of digitalisation throughout the entire systems engineering process chain.

With our range of innovative services and products, we create a digital infrastructure which covers everything from the tendering phase right through to the project phase and system use – generating added value for our customers.


We check the throughput, dimensioning, lead times, performance limits, interference factors, staff requirements and other planning parameters for planned systems right at the tendering phase by means of a material flow simulation. FLT’s simulation model allows you to compare and assess different alternatives. This often helps with fundamental decisions, even right at the start of the planning phase.

Existing systems are mapped in their respective current conditions, for example. Through targeted modifications, functionalities, complex relationships and their effects can be presented. By testing different strategies, we can see areas which could be optimised, for example, to improve throughput, utilise robots more efficiently or save system elements.

The simulation model grows as we learn more throughout the planning process. This accelerates the planning process and helps when it comes to finding a solution.


Quicker commissioning, less downtime, intelligent functions, full control – in systems engineering, increasing requirements require new approaches and modified project processes. Often, the prescribed time window for a project no longer allows full installation and assembly including tests under real-world conditions – and this is exactly where virtual commissioning plays a key role.

Virtual commissioning follows material flow simulation in the design and engineering phase. To begin with, a digital twin is developed to optimise the system layout and to ensure that the constructional designs are safe. The actual virtual commissioning is then carried out with a test of all programs and systems. The programs are used digitally in live operation and all special processes, e.g. full/empty runs or feed-in/discharge, are simulated.

In this way, FLT gives customers the opportunity to ensure that new processes, integrations and changes are safe in advance by means of a digital simulation. By integrating the simulation very early on in the order handling process, aspects which are critical from a planning and technical point of view can be assessed and designed in a safer and quicker manner. As a result, it is possible to prepare for the actual commissioning as effectively as possible and a steeper productivity ramp-up phase can be achieved when production is started again.

We recommend virtual commissioning if a machine features very complex processes or the time window for commissioning the real system is very tight, for example. It is also advisable if expensive materials would have to be used to test a machine. What’s more, downtimes can be reduced when extending or rebuilding existing systems, which provides added certainty when it comes to planning projects.


Sensors play a key role in Industry 4.0. They collect and process key data and use it to support processes, enabling intelligent control and networking in production.

By integrating sensors into our products and systems, these can be monitored and deviations from the normal state can be detected immediately, meaning you can say goodbye to unplanned production downtimes. Instead of sticking to fixed maintenance intervals, for example, maintenance can be carried out when it is actually needed.

FLT integrates these options for different interfaces. In the case of gripper monitoring or the power chain, for example, sensor systems are used which constantly collect measurement data, such as temperature or power. Thanks to this status monitoring, you get information about maintenance requirements before faults arise.

This means that your productivity will increase and you will avoid bottlenecks. Our sales team will be happy to give you more information about the possibilities.