FIBRO LÄPPLE TECHNOLOGY GmbH is part of the LÄPPLE Group, a renowned global supplier of press parts, bodyshell components, standard parts, rotary tables and automation solutions. The group prides itself on providing high-quality innovative solutions to its customers. The LÄPPLE Group’s history dates back to 1919, when August Läpple founded the company as a small mechanical workshop with a smithery.

Automation and systems engineering have been a fixed part of the company's business activities since the 1950s – at first, these were just for its own purposes but later, as a result of growth and the reputation of the company's expertise, it was able to roll them out to customers too. The focus in this area has always been on linking industrial systems, optimising cycle times and increasing throughput.

This expertise developed into a mainstay of the company, culminating in the formation of FIBRO LÄPPLE TECHNOLOGY (FLT) in 2011. Since then, the LÄPPLE Group’s automation expertise has been pooled here and provided to customers all over the world.

270 employees provide clever, high-quality solutions and are constantly working on refining the products, digitising them and improving them.