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Faster and more precise automation saves valuable time in production and increases the production output. The result: a higher performance of your company.

With the FLT linear gantry we offer an efficient automation solution with the highest standard of quality and reliability. The linear gantry reaches new dimensions in terms of speed, acceleration and positioning accuracy.

By using an air-cooled linear motor on the horizontal and vertical axis, acceleration with several G can be realized. At the same time, the integrated measuring system allows a highly exact positioning of the track carriage at every time.

The use of carbon fibre within the track carriage and the vertical axis significantly reduces the weight of the gantry, which optimizes the motion sequences. Additionally, the vibration damping qualities of the carbon fibre parts enable a complete usage of speed and acceleration without any adverse effects.

Your advantages:

  • Extreme dynamics due to speed and acceleration
  • The highest position and repeat accuracy
  • Low vibration through high tech carbon fibre elements
  • Low maintenance because of less mechanical machine elements
  • Combinable with every NC control
  • Variable design for the most different application cases
  • Modular construction for various movement distances

Technical data:

  • Speed: x-axis 10 m/s - z-axis 4.5 m/s
  • Acceleration:  x-axis 26 m/s2 - z-axis 20 m/s2
  • Repeat accuracy:  0.05 mm
  • Working load: 30 kg
  • Operating weight: 300 kg

Optimal application areas for the gantry:

  • Commissioning loading
  • Piece picking and automatic warehouse insertion
  • Transport and handling