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Acceleration Redefined- We move everything for our customers.

FLT is always a synonym for efficient automation solutions with the highest standard in quality and reliability. From years of experience, we know that the maximization of the output, reducing downtime and high operational reliability is the goal for each of our automations.

With our newest development we have given to the subject speed and acceleration combined with the highest positioning accuracy a new name – Acceleration Redefined.

Our linear gantry combines our years in experience in the gantry construction with the newest engines and materials, to realize the needs for short cycle times with the highest precision. 

Accelerations with several G can be realised by the air-cooled linear engine on the horizontal and vertical axis. At the same time the integrated measuring system permits a highly exact positioning of the track carriage at every time.

The use of carbon fibre in the track carriage, as well as in the vertical axis allows us to minimise significantly the weight of the gantry. This is one of the advantages in the motion sequence. Also, the low vibration property of the carbon fibre parts helps us to use the full capacity of the speeds and accelerations without any disadvantageous effects completely.

The advantages for you are the following:

  • Extreme dynamics by speeds and accelerations 
  • The highest position and repeat accuracy
  • Low vibration through high tech carbon fibre machine elements 
  • Low maintanance because of less mechanical machine elements
  • Combinable with every NC control 
  • Variable design for the most different application cases 
  • Modular construction with different travelling distances   

Technical data: 

  • Speed: x-axis  10m/s - z-axis  4,5m/s
  • Acceleration: x-axis  26m/s2 - z-axis  20m/s2
  • Repeat accuracy: 0,05mm
  • Working load: 30kg 
  • Operating weight: 300 kg 

We combine with this development precision, dynamics, process security and productiveness on the highest and newest state of technology.

Your application is to be affected by high precision and extreme speed. Then we have the right solution for you.

Designed for your wishes and needs: 

  • Machines or pressing loading
  • Piece picking and automatic warehouse insertion
  • Transport and handling
  • and so on

Acceleration redefined - we move everything for our customers.