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FLT stands for German engineering, reliability, and efficiency.

Our goal is to recognise the needs of our customers at an early stage and implement their requirements optimally in high-efficiency solutions. The basis of this is the comprehensive know-how of our highly motivated employees and a unique understanding of the process, which has been built up and continually developed over numerous decades during the construction of our own systems for our subsidiaries.

Innovation, functionality, quality, and efficiency go hand-in-hand with our modules and systems. We strive to create automation solutions with maximum customer benefits which are the focus of our actions every single day.
Our project teams work together with our customers closely and faithfully in all project phases.

Corporate philosophy

The values of the LÄPPLE Group determine our corporate culture. They guide our actions and they are our commitment regarding our behavior towards society, our business partners, and among each other.

We differentiate between three brand values and three property values. The brand values represent what we are and clearly demonstrate to third parties what they can expect from us. Our property values represent how we are. They express the awareness and attitude of LÄPPLE’s teams with respect to their daily work.